The Great Question Show is produced by

SOUNDS POWERFUL productions,

a podcast and audio production company out of St. Paul, Minnesota.



The Great Question Show is a place where we ask questions to further our growth, as both individuals and as a collective group.

Why a unicorn? Because, like great questions, unicorns are magical and awesome.

The Great Question is not just a podcast but a radio show, broadcast on WFNU-LP Frogtown Community Radio in Saint Paul, MN 94.1FM. You can listen to WFNU worldwide, online.

The Great Question is hosted by Katey DeCelle and continues to evolve and grow as we do.

The Great Question is always curious, always asking, always looking for more opportunities to grow and learn. If you or your organization want to be featured on The Great Question Show, fill out this form and we will get back to you.

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